Vitrine abgesetzt mit Alumnium-Profile, Das Glas unterhalb der Vitrine gesandstrahlt. Schwenktür vorne mit gewölbten Glas, höhenverstellbare Einlegeböden. Maße: 60x65x180 cm

Showcase with aluminium profile measure: 60x65x180 cm

Mod. Euro 1 sabbiato
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Showcase with aluminium profile.

Mod. EURO 1

Measure: 52 x 52 x 70 cm

Total height: 160 cm

Showcase of ESG-glass (safety glass),

top and base consist of laminated wood, aluminium profile on the sides,

Floor cupboard consists of sandblasted glass (ca. 45cm),

on roles or feet,

3 shelves (adjustable in height),

curved swinging door with lock.

In standart-colours: natural aluminium, white, black, grey.

In special colours with 15 % colour extra charge: gold (brazen), hammered grey.

In special colours with 35 % colour extra charge: beech, cherry-wood.

Our aluminium showcases are built of high quality material. You have the possibility to choose between many profile colours. You can optimal use the showcase to present model cars, figures or other collections.

The inner shelves have a carrying capacity of 40 kg. The showcase can be upgraded with lightening on sides or more inner shelves. The showcase is lockable and easy to mount. Our aluminium showcases are extremly solid and can be send in one piece. The doors are made of ESG-glass (safety glass).

The inner shelves of the showcase are stageless adjustable in height.